The Fire Dancers of Crocodile Park

A Traveler's Tale

Tribu K'Mindanawan Like Kung Fu fighters about to incinerate their opponent with fireballs, the male contingent of the Tribu K’Mindanawan perform one of their fiery routines

Davao City, August 2015: I had a chance once again to visit the Tribu K’Mindanawan Cultural Village at Davao Crocodile Park to accompany a small group of guests from Manila.  Conveniently located along the banks of Davao River at the heart of Davao City; the park is a favorite destination for tourists because of the variety of attractions it offers and the culturally-rich shows held on its grounds.  The cultural village showcases the richness of the Indigenous People in Mindanao.  The fire show featured on weekends is one of its major attractions.

Tribu K'Mindanawan The lead fire dancer prepares to start an exhibition with fiery hoops

Tribu K'Mindanawan The fiery hoops gather speed as the dancer starts swirling them on her hips and above her head

Tribu K'Mindanawan And…

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