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Architecture Here and There

curbed.com.jpg The proposed Nexus Building (right), in China. (curbed.com)

A proposed new megatower is planned in China’s Pearl River delta. The city is not named in either the Curbed or the Building Design & Construction articles, perhaps because the city will not exist until the building is finished. It boasts (if that’s the proper word) a novel tower concept. It will not have a core, where, typically, elevators and other services for the entire building are centered, along with the tensile strength element that holds the building up. Designed by PLP Architecture, the Nexus Building will feature three slabs totaling 251 stories and 1,952 feet.

bdcnetwork.com How do these slabs deflect the wind? (bdcnetwork.com)

Despite the descriptions in these two articles, I’m not really sure quite what will keep the building from falling. Though I’m sure the engineers have it all figured out. That’s what they’re paid for, isn’t it?

Each slab…

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