Burning stars trailing across the granite sky. I hearken, intently counting time. An angel’s halcyon melodies beckon me. I shine. ❥ © 2017 khp. all rights reserved. Thank you for reading. ~JM

via ❦ Heavenly Body ❦ — It’s here in the Silence


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  1. Psst, where is you? Hope you are well. Looking forward to reading more art history. You are my exclusive source for this topic and I enjoy your unique writing, Laur. Hope you are having wonderful weather where you are. It’s Spring where I am. 🙂 ❥

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    1. Hi JM I am really well great to hear from you. I have been making notes for my next project after I have completed my Expressionism Article Been very busy with other things mainly to do with Hazel. You are now my Favourite 1 Blogger and greatest friend I love all your stuff. weather has been great here been enjoying the sunshine Luv xxx

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