Faten Hamama (1931-2015): The Loss of an Arab Icon

Irrespective of her attitude to the Nasser regime it is obvious she made a great Contribution to Egyptian Cinema. Laurence

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Hamama Faten Hamama by April I. Decker for Al Jadid

by Nada Ramadan Elnahla

The pinnacle of fame!
The scepter of art!
The throne of the cinema!
. . .

To her, life is art.
To her, art is life.
And between the two, she is the link, an unbreakable chain.
. . .
(Abd al-Salam al-Nabulsy describing Faten Hamama in 1967)

On the 17th of January, 2015, the Arab world lost the iconic Egyptian film star Faten Hamama, who died at the age of 83 after a short-term hospitalization. Known as the “Lady of the Arab Screen,” Hamama starred in almost 100 films, working with masters of Egypt’s massive film industry. The Egyptian presidency mourned her, issuing a statement: “Egypt and the Arab world have lost a creative and artistic talent who enriched Egyptian art with her sophisticated performances.”

Born in the Delta city of Mansoura to a father who…

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