A Brief History of Council Housing in Wandsworth, Part I: 1900-1939

Another excellent post from Municipal Dreams I do like their posts especially as they mention the Thatcherite period of the 1980@s when Wandsworth and other Tory authorities sold Council Housing. Cameron who follows in Thatcher’s footsteps is both dismantling Council Housing and social Housing and at the same time trying to dismantle Local Authorities while the Labour Party under Corbyn just watches. Well Done Laurence

Municipal Dreams

Walk the streets of any London borough and you’ll see council housing.  Look more closely and you’ll see its story unfold.  In this, Wandsworth offers a particularly rich history – a range of forms and types, some innovatory, some all too typical, the best and the worst; and through these too it reveals the conflicted politics of council housing – high ideals, low politics and partisan agenda.

Before we begin, some geographical and political background.  The present day borough, formed in 1965, comprises the former Metropolitan Boroughs of Battersea and Wandsworth, less an eastern slice (made up of Clapham, Streatham Hill and Streatham) lost to the new Borough of Lambeth.  Above this local politics lay, at first, the London County Council, formed in 1890 and, from 1965, its larger successor, the Greater London Council.  All these bodies play their part.

Derinton Road on the Totterdown Fields Estate Derinton Road on the Totterdown Fields Estate

Before 1914, Conservative…

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