Book Review – ‘Homes and Places: A History of Nottingham’s Council Houses’

Homes and Places looks like an excellent history of Nottingham Council Housing. When I am next in Nottingham I will buy the Book and the radical bookshop looks excellent . I only wanted to say that tragically Labour controlled City councils like Nottingham , Liverpool , Manchester are letting their council house stock be managed by Housing associations or ALMO’s and there is very little Council House stock left . I know because I Live in Kettering and am a Tenant of Nottingham Community Housing Association which has a lot of Social Housing to Manage and the tragedy is that Cameron and Co have set out to demolish ,destroy what is left of Social or Council Housing. Laurence

Municipal Dreams

Chris Matthews, Homes and Places: A History of Nottingham’s Council Houses (Nottingham City Homes, 2015)

It’s a pleasure to see this fine account of Nottingham’s council housing history.  It’s a story well worth telling and one – in Nottingham and elsewhere – that this blog has sought to share.  Above all, it is a people’s history, a history of homes and communities but it encompasses high (and low) politics too, architecture and planning and much, much else: a history of concern to anyone interested in the fabric – in the broadest sense – of our society.

Front Cover 2

If all that reads like a shameless plug for this blog, it is also a very definite recommendation for Chris Matthews’ new book.  It’s a warts and all history, recording the highs and lows of Nottingham’s council housing and Nottingham City Homes is to be congratulated for commissioning a serious and well-researched account.  There’s…

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