My resignation from the CWI.

I have my own blog . I met you recently at a discussion with others on the EU Referendum myself and another supporter attended a meeting in Northampton Trades Club. I have been a Trotskyist for a number of years and I am now a member of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency . we have a Blog in Britain RCIT in Britain which you can access. I have been reading your differences with CWI and was hoping whether we could enter into discussions with you . We can provide you with information, Publications , Books we have published several books on Marxist theory . I only live in Kettering so it would be relatively easy for me to contact you. I look forward to hearing from you.


Market Town Marxist

For approximately 4 years I have been an active and committed member of the Committee for a Workers International (CWI), an international “revolutionary” Trotskyist organisation, represented in England and Wales by the Socialist Party.

When I first joined I was full of enthusiasm for the party. So much so in fact that I became a Branch Secretary and a member of the Regional Committee. During my time as a member, I rarely missed a Saturday stall and was proud that in one quarter Northampton topped the Fighting Fund league. I was also very active in my union, Unite, putting forward the SP position and raising donations for the SP-led organisations, Youth Fight For Jobs, the National Shop Stewards Network (including successfully moving a motion for our branch to affiliate) and for 3 years obtaining quarter or half-page May Day solidarity greetings in The Socialist at around £300 each. I even argued…

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