Lincoln’s Early Council Housing: the Corporation’s ‘duty to provide the houses themselves’

Excellent article again on Council Housing in Lincoln . well done Laurence

Municipal Dreams

The City of Lincoln offers an interesting case study of the early drive to build affordable housing for working people.   Back then this was almost universally understood to be, of necessity, council housing, and the drive to build came – admittedly with political flavouring and different degrees of intensity – from all parties.  There was also significant influence from local pressure groups, generally not radical in politics but sharing a common belief in the duty of the local state to house those in need. The manifestos of nearly all major political parties in the last election show how far we have come from those heady days.

Chaucer Drive, St Giles Estate Chaucer Drive, St Giles Estate

That pressure began before the First World War.  A Public Welfare Committee and composed of ‘clergy and ministers of several denominations, laymen of various political beliefs, and ladies with experience amongst poorer citizens’ was formed in Lincoln in 1912…

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